Dream of: 11 December 1993 (2) "A Good Deal"

I was sitting at the table in the kitchen of the Gallia County Farmhouse. My father was sitting on the other side of the table, both elbows on the table, eating something which he was holding in both hands. He looked as if he were probably in his late 30s and his hair was still black. He blurted out that he had just closed a deal to sell his insulation manufacturing business. The news came as quite a shock to me. I had recently been involved in the business, and I had even planned in the near future to have acquired an ownership interest. Since I had anticipated depending on the business for a source of income, his announcement came as a blow. At the same time, however, I felt a sense of relief. I didn't really enjoy working in the business and it would have taken up much of my time. I asked how much he had received for the business and he replied, "Fifty thousand."

The price seemed fair. The deal sounded satisfactory; we would probably all be better off without the business.

My mother was also in the Farmhouse; she looked young, as if she might be in her late 30s. She mentioned that some step-relatives, children of my step-grandfather Clarence, were coming to spend the night. This news irritated me because I didn't enjoy the presence of my step-relatives, especially when I was planning to spend the night in the Farmhouse. When a brown jeep pulled up behind the Farmhouse, I figured the relatives had arrived. I couldn't do anything about it now, but I really would prefer that the step-relatives would stop coming, now that they no longer had any interest in the Farm.

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