Dream of: 11 December 1993 "Paradise"

I was on board a white ship on the ocean. The captain of the ship was a young fellow (probably in his late 20s) and this was his first time to captain a ship. He called all the crew together in an inner chamber of the ship to talk with us. There were probably 50 crew members, and I sensed much doubt among them about the captain's ability. While we were gathered here, I heard a sound coming from outside. I immediately became concerned that the sound might be coming from a pirate ship which was going to attack us. I raced out to the deck, looking in all directions, trying to find the source of the sound.


All crew members were on deck. One of the crew was going to be punished for a crime. I was unsure how he was to be punished, but I thought he was going to be thrown overboard. He was wearing quite a bit of silver jewelry, and I began pulling it off him. He had on silver earrings which I ripped from his ears. He also had a ring in his nose which I ripped out. I wasn't concerned with any pain I might be causing him. I turned to his hands. Each finger had several silver rings on it and I began pulling them off.


Commotion had broken out on the ship. I quickly discovered the reason. We were approaching shore, where I could see a large tent with the word "Paradise" on it. I realized it was bar for sailors. Many sailors from other ships were crowding around it.

I wondered if there were prostitutes in the bar. And I wondered if sailors went back to the same prostitute time after time when they reached a certain port. It would probably always be best to pay the prostitute what she asked, so she would remember me favorably when I returned.

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