Dream of: 10 December 1993 "Traveling Through Germany"

Dale, McDonald, another fellow and I were traveling in a van through Germany. We had found an abandoned house and had spent the night. It was now morning and we were loading the van back up to leave. After we had loaded most things on the van, I walked back to the house to see what was left. I found a rather large television which I had brought, and I carried it out to the van. I knew it was a cumbersome thing to have, but it had been worth it because I had been able to see some German shows the night before. I noticed MacDonald wasn't helping any and I thought that was typical of him.

We were in a sparsely populated area. I took a moment to look around me. It was mostly just flat fields. A couple women were walking down the road toward the van. They looked like an elderly mother (perhaps in her 70s) and her daughter (probably in her 50s). They hastened their pace as they passed the van, obviously apprehensive about who we were.

On the other side of the road was an area which had almost no vegetation and looked quite barren and hilly, more like the southwestern United States than Germany. Nearby was a mound of dirt about a meter high which rose straight out of the ground. It was round, about a meter in diameter. On its top was another smaller mound about a 30 centimeters high and about 30 centimeters in diameter. The other three took off running and jumped over the mound. They then continued running through the barren area to explore it.

I hesitated to follow, but I thought I ought to be able to jump over the mound too. I walked over and examined it. It would obviously be difficult. About two meters away on the other side were three strands of a barbed wire fence which had been knocked down and were lying on the ground. If I jumped the mound, I would have to be careful not to trip on the fence on the other side. I still wasn't sure I wanted to try it.

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