Dream of: 08 December 1993 "Down In My Heart"

Carolina and I were visiting a man and a woman (probably in their late 50s) in a recreational vehicle (RV). The vehicle was rather small and old. We were all sitting around the living room area, talking about what it was like living in an RV. I myself had been considering buying an RV, and I thought I would be able to adapt quite well to living in one. During the conversation I learned that the couple no longer had a home to live in, and they stayed in the RV all the time.


I was driving an RV through Kentucky along the Ohio River, headed for Portsmouth. Carolina was seated in the front with me. I figured we had another 60-70 miles to go. The road we were on passed through a small town which I didn't recall having ever seen. As we rode through the downtown area, I was impressed by the buildings. They all seemed built in the same white, stucco style, two or three stories tall, with balconies on the upper floors overlooking the streets. All the buildings were built close to the street so there were no yards.

I was also impressed by the number of movie theaters. Usually small towns had several closed-down theaters, but it looked as if this town had a half dozen or more open theaters. I also saw one sign which said "Opry."

The town not only surprised me, but its quaint beauty quickly charmed me. I suggested to Carolina that we stop and she agreed. It looked as if there was plenty of parking space, and I turned right on the next street to look for a space. But as soon as I turned, I was overwhelmed to see hundreds of children all over the street, in the doors of the buildings and hanging out the windows. The buildings were of the same type I had seen on the main street, but this was obviously a residential area. I was quite taken aback by all the children, yet I still wanted to stop and visit the town.


Carolina and I had rented a room in one of the residential living areas. It was in the home of someone living here, and our room only had a couch and no bed. We were just planning to stay for one night, and we were considering not even spending the night. I was a bit disoriented by the town. It seemed so strange, and now even the room seemed strange. I looked out a back window and saw a narrow alley which seemed filled with junk. A child was sitting amidst the clutter.

I was also concerned with where I was going to go after we left here. I was planning to either go to Canada or Luxembourg to live. Carolina was going to go with me, and it seemed that she was leaving the decision to me. I didn't have a great deal of money, and it would be easier to survive longer in Canada than in Luxembourg. Yet I would like to go to Luxembourg because I could speak both French and German there. And I felt as if time was running out in my life. Now was the time I needed to act decisively. I suddenly decided it would be Luxembourg.

I sat down with Carolina on the couch. I didn't think we would spend the night here. But if we had had two beds, it might have been enjoyable. Next to the couch was an old radio with which I began playing. Both Carolina and I noted how everything in the town seemed from a bygone age. She remarked that a bicycle in the room had very large spokes like old bicycles used to have. I pointed out the face and dials of the radio, how old they were.

I kept trying to tune the radio until some music started coming across. It was country music and it sounded as if it might be Hank Williams. I enjoyed it and strained to hear him sing, "Down in my heart there's a love which just won't die. You are true I'm telling you my love."

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