Dream of: 07 December 1993 "Ink Blots"

I was getting ready to go to a class reunion of law students. My wife Carolina had bought me a new tan suit and I tried on the jacket. I liked it except I had trouble getting my right arm through the sleeve, and when I finally did, the sleeve seemed tight around my wrist. She also had bought me a new pair of tan shoes which I put on. I felt a bit strange in the new clothes, but they did feel good.


I was at the reunion and ran into Boley (a Dallas female attorney). She showed me some post-card sized cards which had ink blots on them and she wanted to know what I saw in the ink blots. I looked at one and quickly was able to see the faces of several different people. Above the people was a dark cloud and out of the cloud were several different funnel clouds, each going down to the head of a different person. The funnel clouds even seemed to be moving, and the images became very vivid. The ink blots seemed to be saying that some greater power was communicating with these different people.

I looked at another card, but had a more difficult time seeing what was in it. It finally looked like some kind of large animal, perhaps a bull. It likewise seemed to be moving.

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