Dream of: 05 December 1993 "Pearl Jam"

I was in house in which I was living in Portsmouth. It vaguely resembled Buckner's house on Sherman Avenue. In fact, Buckner had come to visit me and I was showing him my stereo setup. I had a compact disc player which held 10 discs. I turned it on so he could hear it, and I asked him if he had ever heard the rock group "Pearl Jam," whose music was on one of the discs. I wasn't surprised he hadn't heard them. They were a relatively new group, and I didn't think Buckner was abreast of the current music.

Once the music began playing, I recalled that other people were in the house, and that since it was still rather early in the morning, the music might be disturbing them. Since I had four speakers, I decided decide to try to turn two off. I walked out into the hallway where one of the black speakers was located to unhook it. But once I was out there, I could see the other people in the house had already been awakened.

One of the other people was an attractive woman (about 20 years old). I saw her lying in a bed, uncovered, so I could clearly see her white panties. I had known her for a long time, although I had always felt too intimidated by her beauty to talk much with her. She seemed to be upset by the loud music and I told her I was turning it down. I also pointed out that it was already 11:30 a.m., and she should be up anyway. She seemed surprised to hear it was so late.

As I talked with her, I drew closer to the bed. During the conversation, I mentioned I was going out to eat, and I was surprised she decided to go with me. I was definitely aroused by the prospect of being with her.


The blonde woman, some other people and I were walking through a crowded carnival or fair. I had become separated from some other people, including Buckner, who had been with me. It was so crowded, I realized that if I couldn't figure out where they were, I wouldn't be able to find them.

Finally, I encountered Buckner with a very pretty black-haired girl (probably in her late teens). I had earlier introduced Buckner to the girl, and I was happy to see them getting along well. It appeared as if the girl liked Buckner.

I was still searching for several other people. I told the others that we should split up and then meet back at a certain spot at a certain time. As we separated, I watched Buckner and the black-haired girl walk off. It looked as if they were holding hands.


I arrived at a place where food was being served on tables set up outdoors. I and the people still with me sat down to eat. I thought the other people for whom I was searching would show up soon.

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