Dream of: 03 December 1993 "Settled Case"

I was sitting in a courtroom, listening to the details of the settlement of a case. Pesota (an attorney) was representing the plaintiff, who had sued the same bank which my client, Ms. Bell, had sued. Pesota had also sued all the attorneys who had represented the bank. They were all in the court for the settlement of the case. As I read the settlement document, I realized the bank and the attorneys had indeed conspired to defraud Ms. Bell. After much hard work, Pesota had uncovered the fraud.

As I read over some of the settlement figures, I saw that Pesota was going to be paid almost $5,000 for his attorneys fees as part of the settlement agreement.

At one point I stood up, and in front of everyone, I asked Pesota if everything that had happened had been a direct result of the Bell case. I thought of telling Pesota that if he would enter into the case that I was involved with Bell, he might be able to get a lot of money. But I thought I couldn't bring that up because then my incompetence would be brought up. Then I could be sued for even more money. They had boxed me in. I realized it was in my own interest not to say anything else at this point.

After the proceeding concluded, I walked over to talk with O'Connor (a female Dallas attorney) and other attorneys whom I had seen sitting in the courtroom. I confronted them with the fact that they had actually conspired against Bell. They looked at each other, smiled, and admitted that they had conspired. At that point it was clear to me that I had been incompetent in my work as an attorney for Bell because I had never uncovered the fraud. If I had gone a little further, I would have been able to have uncovered it simply by asking the right questions.

They admitted that one of the attorneys (a woman named Joyce) had kept me busy with additional work during the case. That had thrown me off the right track. I told them that that had been the worst case on which I had ever worked. But I was still surprised they had actually conspired as they had done.

I walked away from them, sat down by myself and continued reading the papers. I realized I was about to settle my portion of the case with Bell, because she had also sued me. As part of the settlement, I was going to pay Bell $2,000.

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