Dream of: 30 November 1993 "Worshipping In The Same Church"

worship together sometimes

I was at the location of the Rock House (where I lived in Fort Worth, Texas from 1987 through 1992) - only the Rock House wasn't there. I was standing around with some other people thinking of building a house there in which my polio-crippled uncle George (1925-1979) was going to live. The foundation for the house appeared to be ready. George, however, was hesitating to move in, because it looked as if a group of black people were going to move into a little house caddy cornered to this location. George was concerned that some black Zulus were in the group and that they might attack.

It seemed as if the time period was sometime shortly after the Civil War. The house also seemed as if it were in the area of the West Salem House (where I lived in West Salem Ohio from 1959 to 1961).

I didn't think George needed to be afraid because I didn't think black people were going to attack him. When I saw a black woman walking around on the other side of the street, I told George I would go over there and ask about who was moving in. Soon after I walked over and spoke to the woman, all the people who had been with me also came over. Other black people showed up and soon we were all talking together, trying to find out if any Zulus were living around there. We learned it might be possible that some Zulus actually were living there, but they weren't going to attack anyone; they were persecuted themselves.

As we talked, it seemed as if George was also being persecuted for something, and the question arose of why the persecuted Zulus would attack someone else being persecuted. The Zulus just wanted to try to get along.

I finally learned the blacks were actually in the process of building a church over there, but it was a slow-going process. It turned out that the people with me decided they would help the blacks build their church. Hopefully this would bring both communities together. There was a possibility they all might even start worshipping in the same church.

Dream Commentary of September 22, 2015

Fighting evil means persecuting evil and being prejudiced against evil. We are all going to die and our souls may be judged sometime after the death of our bodies. At the time of judgment, our souls will either be annihilated, or our souls will be allowed to continue to live.

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