Dream of: 29 November 1993 "Cracked Eagle"

I had received an invitation to go to a club of people who collected old items, especially old bottles and glass items. I decided to go, and when I arrived, I was surprised to find only three women (in their 50s). We all sat around a square table. I was served a bowl of something which looked like rice (only round instead of long like rice). A few pieces of vegetables lay on top the white rice.

I was somewhat uncomfortable because so few people were here, and when the women spoke to each other, I decided to just listen to what they had to say. I thought I would say something once in a while, but I wouldn't dominate the conversation.

As they talked, it became clear that the woman in charge was in a hurry because she wanted to go to an estate sale, which was going to take place shortly. She mentioned the sale to one of the other ladies, and I asked if I could also go. They said that I could. However I had the feeling that the woman in charge didn't really want me to go because she was afraid I would buy something which she might want. Nevertheless she agreed I could go.

When we were ready to leave, we all stood and walked into a neighboring room which the woman who lived here used for storage for things such as antiques which she had bought. I noticed several old wardrobes in the room as we walked through, and I asked the woman if she could tell the difference in the wood used in the wardrobes. At first the woman didn't seem to understand why I would want to know such a thing. So I tried to explain to her that it was very important to know the kind of wood used in something made of wood if one were buying the thing. As we continued on, I pointed out some doors with a design carved on them, and I told her I thought those doors were made of mahogany. Pointing to another door, I told her I thought it was made of oak. Finally the woman began to somewhat comprehend what I was talking about.


We arrived at the place where the estate sale was going to be held. It looked more like a store than a house. I managed to get inside before the sale even started. I sat down and began looking around the large room, filled with all sorts of things. I heard someone say that there would be a back room, and that everything in the back room would cost 70 cents apiece.

As soon as the sale started, and people began coming in, I walked toward the back room. Just as I was going into the room, another woman was coming out, carrying about 20 cups in her arms. It looked as if some cups had writing on them, and I wondered if there were any calendar cups or calendar plates in the room.

I walked on into the back room; it was filled with mostly glass items. I was surprised because it looked as if some very nice things were in the room. One item particularly caught my attention. It was a glass object about a 30 centimeters tall, formed in the shape of an eagle. But just as I approached it, another woman picked it up. But then she set it back down and I walked over to it. I started to pick it up, but then noticed it was cracked. So I set it back down.

I saw several other items, each about a 30 centimeters tall. Each was shaped like some kind of bird or animal; but it looked as if all were cracked. I didn't want to buy them if they were cracked, so I began looking around the rooms at some other things. I noticed an electronics section with some small radios in it. I thought that if they worked they would surely be worth 70 cents apiece. I wished I had brought a shopping cart with me to put some of the things in. I didn't simply want to carry things around. But it didn't make much difference that I didn't have one because I wasn't sure I wanted to buy anything anyway. In fact, I wasn't even really sure what I was doing here.

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