Dream of: 27 November 1993 "Unrehearsed Play"

I was going to a class being held in a building similar to Portsmouth High School. What concerned me was that I was also supposed to be taking part in a play, and I didn't know when the play was going to be performed. I was afraid it might be today, and I didn't know my lines. In fact, I hadn't even read the play. I decided that if the play was scheduled for today. I was simply going to have to say I wasn't ready, and not take part. I could use the excuse that the play had never been rehearsed, and I wasn't going to perform without having actually rehearsed.

When I arrived in class, the other students were in the process of reading the play. Just as I sat down, it was my turn to read a part and I did so. I was eating a hamburger, which I put down so I could read. I only read a few times before the play was finished.

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