Dream of: 22 November 1993 (2) "Chatting"

I was sitting in a room which seemed a combination living room/bedroom. The door to the adjoining room was open. In my hand I was holding a little device which could change the color of the floor and windows in the adjoining room, making them purple. I began turning the knobs on the device, watching through the open door as the floor and windows changed colors.

A bed was in the next room; I could see someone's legs on the bed. Slowly I realized Louise lived in the adjoining room, and she was lying in the bed. I hadn't realized this before. Not wanting her to know I had seen her, I continued turning the knobs on my device, changing the colors of the floor and windows. Gradually I stopped what I was doing.

Carolina was in the room where I was; I began paying attention to her, until we finally lay down together on a bed. Without warning, Louise walked into our room and crossed over toward another room on the other side of our room. Apparently an office was in the other room, and Louise was going to visit someone there. As she passed through, Louise seemed quite friendly and she even spoke. Glad to see she was being friendly, I spoke back to her. She stopped and sat down. We began chatting.

She said something about Wheat, how Wheat didn't like using the computer bankruptcy program which he was currently using and how he was going to stop using it. I had become increasingly disdainful of Wheat. He seemed to think he knew how to do things, but I questioned whether he really did. However, I didn't say anything to Louise about it.

As Louise and I continued talking, I mentioned that I had quit taking any new legal cases, and that I hadn't taken any for five or six months. She seemed interested to hear that.

I thought Louise and I might even be able to somehow help each other in the future; but I didn't make the suggestion. I also wondered how many people she had working for her in her office; but I didn't ask.

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