Dream of: 22 November 1993 "Waiting For God"

When I walked into a spacious white room where some people were gathered, I was disappointed to learn we were all going to paint artistic pictures on the walls of this room. I would have preferred to paint the pictures somewhere else because I thought the walls of the room wouldn't be an appropriate canvass for permanent pictures.

Nevertheless, I began painting. Based on an image I had in my mind, I at first painted a picture of white rooftops. But soon, instead of painting, I began writing black letters on the white wall. Mostly I wrote lines of familiar poems, one of which was by T.S. Eliot. I concluded with the words, "Waiting for God"

One of the people in the room was Weinstein. Looking as if he were fed up with the whole project, he finally walked out the door. I was sad to see him leave because I had wanted to talk with him. By the time I followed him outside and stepped onto the front porch, he was already in his car, passing by in front of the building. With the car's headlights blazing, he pulled up in front of the porch and hollered out my name. I hustled down the front steps and jumped into the car.

Once I was aboard, Weinstein started to pull off. But it wasn't my intention to leave with Weinstein; I wanted us to stay here. When I realized he was determined to go, I thought I was going to have to get back out of the car and stay here without him.

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