Dream of: 21 November 1993 (2) "Shocked"

My sister (14-15 years old) and I were lying in bed together. She was lying with her head opposite mine. I thought she had her pubic area uncovered. I tried to touch her with my foot, then tried to put my hand on her pubic area. Instead, I put my hand on her armpit, which was rather hirsute. I felt her armpit for a while, until I managed to place my hand on her pubic area; I began feeling and squeezing her. She began moving and shifting around until I could see she was lying completely exposed.

My father abruptly appeared in the doorway. He had a black beard and looked as if he were around 40 years old. Obviously he had seen us, and he was furious. My sister stood up from the bed, and mumbled something about "five years old." I thought to myself that I had never done anything with my sister when she had been five years old. If that was what she was trying to say, I would certainly deny that.

My father told my sister to go and get a belt, that he was going to whip her. I just lay still, trying to decide what to do; finally I also stood up from the bed. I defended my sister and told my father he didn't need to whip her. My sister looked at me, relieved I was taking up for her, because she didn't want to be whipped.

A whipping wasn't going to solve the problem; I told my father that my sister and I both needed help – therapy or consultation. I told my father my that sister and I needed to go to someone who could treat us. I mentioned we needed a doctor of mycology or myology.

My father hesitated. I could tell that he was thinking about what I had said, and that he was considering whether I was correct.

I was thinking I had told my father once before that my sister and I had had sexual relations; but we had stopped. How shocked my father must be to see that my sister and I had resumed our sexual activity.

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