Dream of: 21 November 1993 "The Kiddie Man"

Several other fellows and I were in the back of a pickup truck, headed to a lake where we were going to swim. I was unsure I wanted to go swimming – the water might be too cold. We hadn't stopped for any beer and when we were almost at the lake, I saw a store with a sign which said, "Beer." I asked one of the other fellows, "Is there someplace where we can buy beer here?"

The fellow said the store with the sign was closed and that there was no place else where we could buy beer.

When we reached the lake, we parked the truck and everyone got out. The man driving the truck (about 40 years old) said something about the stuff in our pockets; I thought he wanted us to give him some money for having brought us to the lake. I pulled a couple dollars out of my pocket, even though everyone else walked away. I walked over to the man and handed him the money. He seemed pleased; I asked him if he were going to be able to take us back that evening. He seemed reluctant.

Moon (a Dallas attorney) walked up; I noticed how overweight he was. Maybe he could give us a ride back.

As it turned out, the man who had driven the truck was giving a lecture at the lake about a product which the man was manufacturing. The product was a type of food made of many different vegetables and fruits ground up together. The man began demonstrating the product, creating mounds of the stuff. When he had finished, there was so much, he was actually sitting on it.

The final product looked like a moist powder. I tasted it and found it delicious. I was convinced it was going to become a highly successful product. A couple people began talking about going into business and manufacturing the product.


It was becoming clear to me that the man making the food was also taking over peoples' minds. He called himself the "Kiddie Man." It seemed that through a computer program, in an animated form, he was able to get inside people's minds. I was convinced it was good for him to get into peoples' minds; but it also seemed there was a frightening aspect to it which I couldn't explain.


While I was sitting in front of television screen, watching a program about the Kiddie Man, my father (about 40 years old) walked into the room. I spoke with him about the Kiddie Man. He thought it was only a television show. I became excited and agitated as I tried to explain that the Kiddie Man wasn't merely something on television, but was something very real. I was unsure my father understood me, but he also seemed to become agitated.

Meanwhile the scenes on the television were becoming more macabre. One scene showed a person's flesh turning into bubbles, finally disappearing completely. What we saw appeared to be high-tech animation; but I thought it was all real. Finally I blurted out, "He's in you, he's in me. He's called the Kiddie Man."

The scene on the television showed the picture of a person who had been taken over by the Kiddie Man. The person seemed to be turning white. It appeared as if white sprouts came out of him. White strands of fiber emanated  out from him until he was completely covered. Soon the person appeared to be only bones, dead and white.

I was having a bad feeling about the Kiddie Man. It looked as if death and desolation was the final result. I was quite disconcerted by what I had seen.

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