Dream of: 20 November 1993 "Wearing A Parachute"

I was practicing floating. I would run along, jump into the air and then glide along. I enjoyed it very much and I thought I would like to practice at a higher altitude where I could jump and glide to the ground. If I were up high, I should also wear a parachute. That way I could practice gliding, and then if I needed the parachute, I could open it.


I was in the hold of a cargo plane. Benches were arranged along the walls, and about 10 other people were seated here with me. Austin (a former high school schoolmate) was among them. We were all wearing parachutes. It seemed as if it were time for us to jump out of the plane, but everyone was too afraid and just sat here. I thought I would eventually get up the nerve. In the meantime, I could just enjoy the view.

For some reason, I began thinking about Wally (a former high school classmate). I recalled that both he and I were in the military. He was about to be dishonorably discharged.


I was in a room with Wally and another high ranking officer handling the charges against Wally. Apparently Wally had committed a breach of duty involving alcohol.

I was here because I had been Wally's superior officer. Many times I had given him orders which he hadn't carried out. Now Wally was trying to say I was responsible for some of his misbehavior. I admitted that some of his blame could be "imputed" to me because I hadn't adequately overseen his activity. But I really didn't think I could be held responsible for anything which he had done, because what he had done had been of a criminal nature. However, I wanted the officer to know I was accepting all my "responsibility."

Wally was obviously upset by what I was saying, realizing he had no defense.

The officer asked me to leave the room. I asked if someone would send for me or whether I should come back at a certain time. The officer told me to come back in between a half hour and an hour. As I walked out, I looked at the clock and thought I would come back in about 45 minutes.


As soon as I was outside the room, I had a memory which I had completely forgotten. I used to know Wally when I had been in high school. I recalled he used to steal bottles of whiskey from a grocery store, four or five bottles at a time. Afterwards I would sometimes accompany him to a hay loft where he would lie in the hay, drink the whiskey and get drunk. Sometimes he would also masturbate in the hay loft.

It occurred to me that I should tell the superior officer of my memories. The officer appeared to be in doubt of whether Wally was guilty of what he had been accused. These memories would relieve the officer of any remorse he might feel for firing Wally.

I also recalled the history of my relationship with Wally. I recalled one time in high school I had gotten very drunk with Wally on the whiskey, but I hadn't liked it. I had tried to be friends with him, but for some reason our friendship had ended rather abruptly. After the friendship had ended, I went to a party at his house, but I didn't have much fun. All this had probably taken place during the tenth grade of high school. It was so long ago, it had practically all been erased from my memory. But now it was coming back; I thought I would probably tell the officer to ease his mind.

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