Dream of: 17 November 1993 "Man's Arrogance"

I was working in a law office with two other lawyers (probably in their early 30s) whom I hadn't know long. I questioned just how much experience they had practicing law. I talked with one about liens. I asked him if he knew whether it was possible for a judge to grant a lien on real property which had the same validity as a regular lien. He didn't know the answer and we began looking through some law books trying to find out. Finally I remembered that the word I was trying to remember was "judgment lien," and that it did indeed have the same validity as a regular lien.


I was sitting at a desk in a classroom with about 30 other students. When the professor walked in, I recognized him as someone I knew. He had long black hair and glasses. I hadn't expected him to be the professor.

I was sitting in the front row, and the professor stood right in front of me. He then turned to a very old console television made of brown wood. He described the television, talking about its age and condition. I didn't pay attention at first, but when he turned it on, and I began looking at the black and white picture, I became interested in it, and I looked at it more carefully, trying to find the brand name on it. I realized that it was one of the earliest televisions and that it was in quite good condition.

The television seemed to have smudges of something on the screen. I pointed out the smudges to the professor, who didn't see them at first. But finally he did see what I was talking about and he began trying to wipe and scrape off the smudges.

As he worked on the smudges, I saw that the screen was now the size of a movie screen and that the smudges actually formed a picture. It looked as if they had been put on the screen long ago, much the way a frosted design is put on a cake. Finally I could make out some of the design and saw a bunch of small Dalmatian puppies, with one large Dalmatian, the mother, at the top of the screen. It made me think of the story One Hundred and One Dalmatians. I now regretted the professor was scraping it off. It might have had historical and artistic value.


I was riding with the other students in the back of a pickup truck. I dozed off for a while, and when I awoke, I discovered only four or five students were left. I thought the others must have fallen off. And indeed, I had to hold on tight, to keep from falling off myself because we were gong over some hills. When we finally got back on level ground, I looked around and saw some elegant old houses which appeared to be abandoned.

The truck pulled into the area where the houses were, and I heard someone talking about them as if we were on a guided tour. It seemed as if we might be somewhere in Kentucky, and these houses were part of the past glory of the area. I noticed one large house in particular which was more magnificent than the others. It was made of large, dull white stone. Beside it was another building which looked like a gigantic smoke stack. I concluded the smoke stack building was over a large fireplace where wood was burned. I imagined there must be pipes through which the heat went to the building. I also noticed another large building which I thought was probably also heated the same way.

The truck pulled in behind the building and we all got out. As we walked along the rear of the building, the guide pointed out the many large statues built into the side of the building about halfway up the walls. I was amazed at their magnificence. Some had wings, as if to portray angels. They seemed as grandiose as anything that might be found in Europe, and it occurred to me that the United States probably had as many statues as Europe.

One statue in particular caught my attention because it seemed the centerpiece, and because it was so grotesque. The bottom showed the body of a man up to the waist. But where the stomach should be, instead was the gigantic head of a man, out of proportion with the rest of the body. As I looked at it, I thought it was probably the head of a man who had once lived in the house. It seemed to show that he was so concerned that everyone see his face, he had made it larger than he should have. It seemed to symbolize the ridiculousness of man's arrogance.

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