Dream of: 14 November 1993 "Exercise Program"

I was riding in the front seat of a car being driven by my father, headed from Portsmouth to the neighboring town of New Boston, Ohio. My father now lived in New Boston and I was going to visit his home, which I had never seen before. As we proceeded, we reached a section of road flooded with water. My father paid no heed to the muddy water and began driving through it. Since trees lined both sides of the road, he was able to discern where the road was, even though he couldn't actually see the road. Alarmed by his plowing through the water, I asked what would happen if a log were lying submerged in the water and he hit it. He paid me no mind and continued on. Finally I saw the headlights of another car which was approaching us, also driving through the water, but then the car turned off.


I was in the lobby of a large, luxurious hotel in New Boston. I could hear a woman complaining at the front desk about her room. It seemed that this area sometimes flooded, and that at such times the lower rooms of the hotel were submerged in water. The woman was complaining because her room was one of the lower ones and she was concerned it might flood. The hotel apparently had been designed to withstand such floods, however, and no water was supposed to go into any of the rooms. This seemed curious to me. Obviously the lobby would flood, and I wondered how the lobby would be able to withstand damage. In the lobby was some fine carved wood which would probably be damaged. At the least there would have to be a massive cleanup.


I was sitting in the living room of my father's home in New Boston. I had learned that his ex-wife Kay lived in a house two streets over. From my father's front window I could see Kay's house, because no houses were directly across the street.

I was also aware that my mother had come to New Boston and that she had gone to Kay's house for some reason. I thought trouble might ensue since Kay and my mother didn't get along. I wondered why my mother had gone to Kay's.

My father (sitting in the room) asked me if I were going to visit Kay. I was uncertain whether I would. I stood up and looked out the window. It seemed like a pleasant residential area; maybe my father would settle down there. He seemed to like living there. I had never liked New Boston much. It was a narrow town pressed between a hill and the river, with two busy streets down its middle. It was hard to find a place away from the traffic. But this house seemed sufficiently removed from the busy streets, and I thought there might be a sense of community there among the neighbors. My father might be able to enjoy life there.

As far as Kay living so nearby, that seemed strange to me, but I thought maybe her presence would give my father some feeling of closeness to someone.

Since I wasn't wearing a shirt, my father asked me if I had been exercising. I recalled the last time I had seen him, we both had decided to go on an exercise program. Embarrassed, I told him I hadn't started yet. I recalled to myself that I had lost some weight since I had last seen my father – but subsequently I had regained the weight.

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