Dream of: 10 November 1993 "Private Quarters In A Church"

church is home for some

I was standing next to a lawyer in a court room, apparently in Ohio, listening to a case in front of a judge who was sitting on the bench. This case had already been published in a legal reporter and I had read something about it just before coming into the court room, so I was familiar with what was being argued.

The case appeared to involve domestic relations. When the judge asked why it was necessary for a wife to take on the husband's last name, it occurred to me that that issue had nothing to do with this particular case, and I said as much to the lawyer next to me. He agreed with me.

I left the court room, walked through the halls of the building, and looked for a restroom. Some people were sitting in a room up ahead. I saw a woman in a green dress sitting in such a way that someone could look right up her dress. It turned out, however, that she was actually wearing shorts, so it didn't matter. In fact, I thought she was even talking about the fact that people thought they could look up her dress, but that she was wearing shorts.

I walked into a room which I thought was a restroom. When a man stood and approached me, I was embarrassed to realize that I was actually in a church. The man asked, "Are you a Virginian?"

Misunderstanding and thinking he had asked, "Are you a Christian?," I replied, "No."

I suddenly realized what he had actually said, and I responded, "What did you say?"

He repeated, "Are you a Virginian?"

I again said, "No."

I was glad he hadn't asked me if I was a Christian, because I preferred not to go into detail about it, but I certainly wouldn't have told him that I was a Christian if he had asked. He asked, "Well, where are you from?"

I responded, "I'm from Texas?"

Almost immediately I thought I should have said, "I hale from Texas," but it was too late.

The man talked about Texas politics, saying how rigid the politics in Texas were. I remembered a man in Texas named Allen who was rigid in his politics, and I agreed with the man. It seemed strange that the man would be talking with me about the rigidity of Texas politics.

I asked the man where a restroom was. At first he seemed reluctant to tell me, but then he decided I was acceptable, and he led me down a hall to his private quarters. Apparently he was the preacher in the church. I walked through the residence, finally arriving in the kitchen, where I noticed a black pot-bellied stove. I saw a door with the word "Private" written on it. Some boys were in the kitchen. Another boy walked out of an adjoining room into the kitchen. He was pulling up his pants and it looked as if his penis was sticking out. When he stepped back into the other room and pulled his pants all the way up, I realized that that room was the bathroom. I waited for the boy to finish so I could go into the bathroom.

Dream Commentary of August 17, 2015

I see more clearly now that the comparison of the Dream Journal with a church requires refinement. Something akin to a church could exist within the Dream Journal. What ties members of a church together is a commonality of belief. What would be the credo of the Dream-Journal church?

1. I believe in the publication of dreams.

That seems like a pretty obvious starter.

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