Dream of: 09 November 1993 (2) "Great-Aunts"

Carolina and I were in the House in South Shore, Kentucky (a four room cottage in South Shore, Kentucky, across the Ohio River from Portsmouth, in which I lived for about a year when I was in the fifth and sixth grade), where I was thinking of moving. My great-uncle Curt was also there, and he was thinking of moving in with Carolina and me. He and I walked together out onto the front porch. The floor boards of the porch were in disrepair and junk was sitting on the porch. Someone had left a pile of fish net there.

As I cast my eye over the surrounding area, I recalled I had three great-aunts who lived together about three blocks from there – my great-aunt Dorothy, my great-aunt Opal, and my great-aunt Ruby. Two of them lived in trailers and one lived in a house. Maybe I would visit them. I asked Curt which aunt I should visit when I went over there. He told me Ruby was the easiest one to get along with. I thought Ruby was the one who lived in the house; I would probably first visit her.

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