Dream of: 07 November 1993 "Spiders For The Dead"

Slowly I began to realize that I had died and that I was at my own funeral. All my family was present at the funeral which was being held in a white room in Portsmouth.

Even though I was dead, I was still able to stand and walk around among the people. As I mingled with them, I even decided to stand on my head for a while in the middle of the room in front of everybody. I placed my head on the floor and raised my feet up into the air. After staying in the head-stand a short while, I lowered my feet to the ground and stood back up straight.

Someone had brought in a plastic sack containing flowers.

I picked up the sack, looked inside, and saw five or six spiders which had fallen out of the flowers and were lying in the bottom of the sack.

Four or five cute little frogs and one large frog which was making an interesting squeaking noise were also in the sack. It looked as if the frogs might be suffering from lack of air in the sack. Concerned that the frogs might suffocate, I picked up a pin and began sticking holes in the sack to let in air.

While I was poking the holes, my sister walked up to me and said that her mother-in-law wanted the frogs, that her mother-in-law trapped frogs so they could be eaten or sold. Indignant at the thought that my sister and her mother-in-law wanted to eat or sell these frogs, I was determined I wouldn't let them have the frogs. I would prefer to turn the frogs loose in my mother's back yard.

Lying on my back, I began wondering what would happen to me now that I was dead. Would I go to heaven or hell? I really hadn't done anything in my life to merit going to heaven. If I had lived longer, I might have been able to accomplish something. I was only about 40 years old and I hadn't had enough time to do what I was supposed to do with my life. If I wanted to make it to heaven, I needed to live a lot longer. I thought grimly, "I might be going to hell." The thought was alarming, but there was little I could do about it now that I was dead.

As I looked up at the white ceiling above me, I could hear a rumbling sound which I identified as God. Suddenly, in a flash, I realized I wasn't actually dead – it had all been a mistake; everyone just thought I was dead. I continued listening to the low mumbling, thundering sound. Although there were no words, I understood exactly what God was saying. God said expressively, "You must dedicate your life to me." At once I knew if I were going to continue to live, I must dedicate my life to God.

I stood up in the middle of the room. My mother was standing right in front of me. Since I realized it was time to tell everyone that I wasn't dead, I raised my arms straight out from my body. I thought to myself that I could even act as if there were holes in the palms of my hands and cause my hands to bleed; but I didn't want to do that.

As I stood there, everyone gradually began to realize I wasn't dead. I couldn't tell what the people thought, but slowly everyone began to leave. My sister and her in-laws walked outside. The in-laws boarded an old green car which sat close to the ground. Other people also boarded their cars and pulled away.

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