Dream of: 06 November 1993 "Preventing Suicide"

I had been sitting and talking with Gina McNulty (a Fort Worth acquaintance who committed suicide) for quite a while, when it suddenly occurred to me that Gina was dead. I recalled she had recently committed suicide. I couldn't understand how I could be talking with her if she were dead. It slowly began to dawn on me that the only explanation was that I was dreaming. Realizing I was dreaming, I thought to myself I must now be lucid. However, being lucid, I couldn't believe I was dreaming.

Nevertheless I decided to maintain the state, even though I thought I must be awake, and not actually dreaming.

I kept looking at Gina. Obviously she was still alive. Since I thought I was dreaming, I thought perhaps we were in the past before she had committed suicide. I thought if I told her she was going to commit suicide, it might somehow prevent her from doing it. I spoke with her about it, explaining to her that she was going to commit suicide.

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