Dream of: 05 November 1993 (2) "Zeus"

I was in a courtroom where a tall, slender, forceful female judge (probably in her 50s) was presiding. I was handling a bankruptcy case for someone and I was just about to finish what I was doing, when the judge got on the phone and spoke to someone about my client's assets. It sounded as if the judge were talking to someone in an "Office of Assets." I recalled that I had previously spoken with someone about a debt my client, a man, had to the Internal Revenue Service. But I had never followed through on the debt and gotten all the details. I now suddenly realized the IRS probably had a lien on my client's assets. I hadn't uncovered the lien. This would now complicate matters and we wouldn't be able to finish the bankruptcy as I had planned. I also felt stupid because I hadn't known there was an office in the court house which could be called to obtain that kind of information.

The judge hung up the phone. She said someone was going to come up and tell us what the problem was. We would just have to wait.

In the meantime I looked at a vanilla folder lying in front of me. A colorful postage stamp was pasted inside the folder. The stamp had the words "school," "homework" and other words on it. I liked the stamp. I had recently begun collecting a few stamps, but all the stamps I had were on envelopes. That this stamp should be on a folder seemed strange. I thought I would keep the folder, and I would store my other envelopes with stamps inside this folder.


I was looking at another stamp. The stamp was brown and it was rather difficult to discern the picture on it. It appeared to be a pre-Colombian, Latin American sculpture. I tried to read some writing under the sculpture. I saw "SSUSI." I finally concluded that the writing meant "Zeus." Looking at the sculpture more closely, I saw it appeared to be Zeus, standing up, wrestling with a giant snake wound around him.

I seemed to recall a mythological story where Zeus came to earth and wrestled with a giant snake.

The stamp was quite pretty and I liked it very much.


I thought I was looking at a stamp, but found myself looking at an actual object. It was a cobra. I recalled having wondered if there were any cobras as tall as human beings. What would it be like to encounter a two-meter cobra staring me in the face?.

But the cobra I was looking at was a small, green one about 30 centimeters long. It wasn't alive, but inanimate. The problem was that somehow its mouth was clamped down on the palm of my right hand around my thumb. It didn't hurt, but it amazed me that it had been able to clamp down on my thumb that way.

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