Dream of: 04 November 1993 "Highest Place In The World"

Carolina and I were in a car which I was driving along the top of a mountain road. I had been here before, but Carolina hadn't. I knew at the end of the road where we were heading was a nice overlook. I told Carolina it was "the highest place in the world."

I knew that was an exaggeration, although it was the highest place in this area. I knew we would be able to see a large river which reminded me of the Rhine. I thought there might also be places around here to ski, although that wasn't why I was are here. Besides, there was no snow on the ground now.

I drove by the spot I had been talking about, went down the road a ways, and turned around. To reach the spot where the view was, I first had to cross over two railroad tracks. I pulled off the road on a grassy area along side the tracks. A gravel road went across the tracks, but I hesitated to cross, because I could can hear a train in the distance. I couldn't see well down the tracks because up ahead of us the tracks curved into some trees. I was afraid I might get across one track, and the train would come on the other track.

I thought it might be safest to get out of the car and walk across the tracks. In my mind I imagined what it would be like if we got across the first tracks, and then we heard trains coming in both directions. The tracks were somewhat elevated with a small gully between them. We would have to crouch down in the gully between the tracks. I definitely wanted to show Carolina the view, but I sat in the car trying to decide what to do.

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