Dream of: 31 October 1993 "Sticky Ooze"

I was in a car with Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton. Apparently I was their son. As we arrived at our destination, I perceived that there was some kind of problem, as if someone was trying to get me. I hustled into a building, thinking I had escaped. As I proceeded, Bill used the word "people" several times when he spoke. I asked him about it, even though I thought I already knew the answer. He was a great believer in the individual, rather than in the group as a whole.

As I spoke with him, I pictured myself somewhat as Alex P. Keaton (the character played by Michael J. Fox in the television series "Family Ties"). My political views were different from my father's, although we each respected the other's views.

Suddenly we all realized the room we were in felt as if it were moving, as if we were on a ship. I raced to a door, opened it, and saw that indeed water was outside. I immediately concluded that we were all on a barge and had been kidnapped. Obviously when we had been taken into the building, we had actually been taken onto this ship by whoever was trying to get us. I quickly scouted around, trying to find out if anyone was on the barge. Suddenly I heard Hillary scream. Bill and I rushed to her. We found her beside a room which looked like a closet. I could vaguely see what appeared to be a body hanging on a rope in the closet. It appeared to have its legs tied up to its chest, but I couldn't see it well. Hillary shut the door. She screamed out that the place was set up to terrify us, somewhat like a haunted house at Halloween. Only the terror here was real. And what was worse, the perpetrator knew exactly what each of us feared. Hillary screamed, "The reason why you're afraid, they know it!"

I was starting to become frightened. I ventured toward the closet, but suddenly stumbled down to a lower level. I found myself in some kind of sticky ooze. Too late I realized that a hidden terror was waiting for each of us, and I had stumbled onto mine. I started to scream in fear.

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