Dream of: 30 October 1993 "Question Of Ethics"

I was standing on the corner of a small downtown area, when I noticed a sign which had a picture of a tornado. The sign said the tornado represented drugs, which were a problem in the city.

I wondered what being an undercover narcotics officer would be like. Then if I went to buy drugs, I wouldn't be worried about being arrested. Being a nark would certainly take the anxiety out of buying drugs.


My wife Carolina and I were in a room with Fowler and Yonis, who were sitting close together. I moved close to Yonis and lay on my back next to her. I raised my right hand and put it in her hair behind her head. I tried to pull her head toward my face so I could kiss her. I thought she had never been kissed before, and I was going to show her how. She resisted, pulled away and stood up. I was disappointed, but not upset. I knew Carolina had seen everything, but I thought she didn't care.

I spoke to the others about an idea I had. I thought we could all make a lot of money if we would start a dating agency. A lot of people in the area could use the service.

I stood up and picked up a dull-white portable telephone lying near me. I knew Fowler and Yonis had started a business selling the telephones, but they hadn't been able to sell any yet. The one I had in my hand cost $27. Yonis walked back over near me and I told her I would buy it if she would just give me a kiss. Acting offended, she turned and walked away. It occurred to me that trying to get a kiss that way wasn't ethical, but it didn't seem terribly improper either.

I walked alone out of the room and found myself in what appeared to be a mall. I walked into a store (which looked like a library) and headed to a magazine rack where I commonly picked up a newspaper. Absentmindedly I thought I was in a toilet and was just about to extract my penis to urinate when I realized where I was and stopped.

At the same time, a portly man walked up and spoke to me. I recognized him as an attorney who was handling a criminal case for me. He quickly told me that there was an important hearing in the case tomorrow, Friday, and that I would need to go to it because he wouldn't be able to go. I wondered what he would have done had he not just happened to have bumped into me here. I was a bit indignant and told him I had thought he was going to handle the case. He let me know that he had misled me into thinking he was a trial lawyer when he actually wasn't. Now he wanted me to take the case over again.

This was quite upsetting. I didn't even know if the other side had been notified of the hearing tomorrow. This was all going to be terribly difficult to explain to the judge.

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