Dream of: 28 October 1993 "Swinging On A Rope"

I was at one of my grandmothers' homes, which seemed somewhat like the House in Patriot. My mother and other people were also there. I was outside and noticed a rope hanging from a tree which people swung on. It looked a bit dangerous, but I decided to swing on the rope.

The rope was designed so its trajectory was in the form of a square. A person was supposed to run down one side of the square, take off swinging along the second side, swing along the third side, and come back in on the fourth side.

I took off running and held on. The rope was so long I had to bend my knees to get off the ground. I took off and started going up along the second side. I had to swing under a willow tree, and finally rose into the air. When I reached the third side I really took off and went high into the air. The feeling of flying through the air was exhilarating. I flew along almost parallel to the ground, but as I continued flying, I realized I seemed to have been in the air too long, and I feared the rope might have snapped. I was alarmed I might end up crashing to the ground. I couldn't tell. The feeling was both exhilarating and frightening at the same time.

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