Dream of: 24 October 1993 "Junk Sale"

I was in what appeared to be an old warehouse where some junk was soon going to be sold. A man drove up, and he and another person carried up some junk which he was apparently donating to this place. Among the items were a couple bookshelves and the top of a mantel, all made of fine-looking wood. I liked the looks of the things and I would like to buy them. I thought another person was also interested in them, and I quickly spoke to a woman (whom I believed was in charge) about my purchasing the items.

The man walked in carrying three small old radios. I was very interested in them, and when he set them down, I grabbed grab all three up in my arms. The shape of one reminded me of my antique Olivetti typewriter. I asked the woman how much the radios would cost. One radio had a white price tag hanging from a string attached to the radio. It said $44. But I thought the woman was going to want $16 apiece for the radios. I wanted to plug them in to see if they worked. But I hesitated because I was are afraid that if they did work, the woman would want more money for them. I plugged one in anyway. I heard some sound, but it was fuzzy and I was still uncertain it worked well. I held the radio in my hands and examined it more carefully. At first I had thought it was made of wood, but now I saw that it was actually made of plastic. I told the woman that it was made of plastic. To myself I was thinking that it was probably one of the first plastic radios ever made. But I didn't tell the woman that, because I thought she would then charge more for it.

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