Dream of: 23 October 1993 "Uncertain Ramifications"

I was on probation, and was returning to court to see if I could have the probation changed. The court was being held in the back yard of a house. The judge was seated at a bench, and other people went before him before I did. I was the last one, and I was standing in an alley a little outside a fence which was around the yard.

I had filed a petition with the court to seek permission to go to Mexico and live there. In the petition I had also accused my  mother of having had incest with me; I was unsure what the ramifications of that would be.

Finally the judge came to my case and began going over it. A woman who was my probation officer was also there. She talked about the case. Finally I walked in from the alley. I was barefoot.

The judge (about 50 years old) seemed friendly. He said something, but I couldn't understand him. Finally I walked up to him and asked if my petition had been granted. I knew the legal terminology, but I preferred that the judge not know that I was a lawyer. When the judge spoke, it sounded as if he were going to deny me permission to go to Mexico until 1996.

I began telling the judge that I spoke speak good Spanish, and that I needed to go to Mexico to improve it. Meanwhile some Mexican people had walked up to the bench. Referring to the Mexicans, I said, "Yo puedo hablar con esa gente."

One of the Mexican woman nodded at me, as if to confirm that I was speaking good Spanish. But the judge didn't agree; obviously he was going to deny my petition until 1996. I would have to stay where I was.

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