Dream of: 19 October 1993 "Standing On A Bridge"

I was on the Gallia County Farm with several relatives. I hadn't been doing much and I was thinking about climbing the hill behind the Farmhouse. I might ask my first cousin Randy (who was there) to go with me. I might even carry a rifle with me, not to shot animals, but just to have.

At the moment I was standing on a large bridge high above the ground. My maternal grandmother Leacy stood next to me on my left. Other relatives were also nearby. Someone mentioned that he hadn't seen any ducks. Just as I looked down, a green-headed mallard flew below me. The person said he hadn't been talking about ducks, but deer, and pointed out that he had just spotted several deer far below.

I also saw the deer standing next to a small creek. I pointed out that there appeared to be a small fawn lying dead in the creek. Near the deer were also a couple ponies and several cows. The deer began running and I hollered, "There go the deer!"

As I was looking, I realized my brother Chris (about 10 years old) had gotten over the edge of the bridge and was just barely hanging onto a wire. His hand, weak from muscular dystrophy, could barely hold on, and I feared fear he would fall at any time. It was a very long way to the ground and he would surely be killed. I wondered what it would be like to be falling, knowing you are going to die when you hit the ground.

I decided I must try to rescue him. I told him to pull himself up closer to me so I could can grab him. I wasn't certain I would will be able to grab him, even if he could pull himself up. I wasn't certain I would be able to hold on and pull him up over the edge.

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