Dream of: 18 October 1993 "On The Waterfront"

It was early in the morning and I had a class to go to. I was enrolled in college and was taking four different courses; but I hadn't been going to my classes as I should have. In fact, I had fallen so far behind in two of the science classes that I knew I couldn't pass; I was simply going to drop out of them.

The class I had this morning was a history class; I thought there still might be a possibility I could pass it; but I didn't want to go to any classes. I thought I would simply read the book and take the test. I hoped, if I passed, the professor would give me the grade even though I hadn't attended classes. If he didn't, then I would simply fail.

I opened my history book and looked at it. In the index I saw several different subjects covered in the book. Each subject was repeated in three different time periods. For example one subject was general history. I turned the pages to one of the time-periods dealing with general history and on the page I saw a picture of a scene out of the movie On the Waterfront with Marlon Brando. I knew the book often used scenes from movies to illustrate aspects of history. Of course this meant I must not only know about the history, but also the movies reflecting the history. This was extra work, but I didn't mind.

I walked into the bathroom so I could get ready to leave. I had left the water running in the large white tub with claw-feet at the base. I was surprised to find my wife Carolina cleaning the ring around the tub's inside, dirtying the water. I complained to her that she should not be doing that now, before I took my bath. Her scrubbing had made the water dirty and I hated to take a bath in dirty water.

Seeing her here made me a bit aroused. I hadn't had sex with her for a while, and I felt as if I might want to have sex right now.

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