Dream of: 16 October 1993 "Omisdon"

I was in an outdoor area where a fair appeared to be taking place. My first cousin Jimmy (son of my mother's brother) was sitting and playing poker at a nearby  table. I recalled having played cards with Jimmy before, but I hadn't realized he was well-versed in card playing.

I could see the cards in his hand; he hadn't put them in order according to suit or number. The cards were simply mixed up in his hand. Since he knew so much about card playing, it seemed odd that he wouldn't put the cards in order.

My father was sitting nearby in a chair at a table. I walked up to him and saw one chair next to him and another chair on the other side of the table. Since something appeared to be in the chair next to my father, I walked around to the chair on the other side of the table. However, I didn't sit down. Instead I began looking at a number of large thick art books lying on the table. The books were for sale for $51 each. I had the feeling someone had paid $50 apiece for the books and was just making a profit of $1 on each.

I thought I might be interested in buying one, even though my money was rather tight at the moment. I looked through the books, one of which appeared to be about Rembrandt. I picked up one book almost eight centimeters thick. Starting in the middle of the book, I leafed toward the front. I saw a large close-up picture of elephants either sculpted or painted on walls. The picture covered both pages of the book.

I leafed on, saw some maps and realized the book was about the art of a specific region. On one map a line meandered down through cities in France and ended up in a city in Spain (which seemed to be in Africa). The meandering line represented journeys people had taken through history traveling from France to Spain. An article describing the art of that city interested me because the city somehow seemed significant to me personally. It occurred to me that I had never studied this particular region, which also appeared to have historical importance. It was interesting that the older I became, the more I learned about obscure places and things. It occurred to me that if I were to study these obscure places with a younger person, then that person's development would be different from mine, since I had never studied the places when I had been young.

I would like to learn more of the history of this particular area. It seemed as if I already knew something about most of the cities on the meandering line, but I felt as if I needed to know something about the area where the line finally ended. It looked as if the name of the city where the line ended was "Omisdon."

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