Dream of: 14 October 1993 "Exactly On Time"

I had told one of my legal clients, Wortham (but whom I called "Whitaker"), to meet me at my office at 8:30 a.m. It was important that I meet with him this morning, and he had been given a key so he would be able to get into the office.

I drove to my office in a brand new pickup truck. When I turned a corner about a block from the office, I thought I saw a parking space down close to the office. When I got there, I saw it wasn't actually a parking space, and I had to back up. I put the truck in reverse and began moving backwards. When I tried to stop the truck, it wouldn't stop. I saw a van which had just turned the corner behind me and I was afraid I was going to crash into it, but I was finally able to get the truck back into forward drive and head back toward the parking place.


As I walked into the office building, I could see through the window that Whitaker was already standing in my office. I wondered if it was wise to let him go in without my being there. It didn't look as if he were going to take anything. I hurried up the stairs so I could meet with him. I noticed a clock on the wall said it was 8:29, so I was exactly on time.

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