Dream of: 12 October 1993 "Don't Panic"

I was driving a car over a dirt road through a field. I was headed to a meeting with some people and I was a little late. I noticed either some snow or frost on the ground. I must be in Texas, because I thought that it was sunny in Ohio and tomorrow the cold weather here would reach Ohio.

I was surprised that I didn't see any more cars on the road headed to the meeting. But suddenly I realized why. Just ahead of me was a small creek which I must drive through. Normally the creek was quite low, but now the water was up to the edge of creek's banks. I realized the meeting must have been called off because of the high water. No one had been able to call me and tell me, because nobody knew my phone number.

The creek ran along the right side of road. Suddenly I felt my car beginning to slip and before I knew it, it had slid into the creek and turned over on its side. The driver's side was on the bottom and the passenger side was on the top. I quickly realized the only way out was to either open a door or a window on the passenger side and crawl out. I thought the car was going to quickly begin filling up with water and I tried to diagnose my situation. I wondered if I should take off my clothes, then I decided that would be too difficult and would take too long. There wasn't much room in here and I felt cramped. I was also worried about how cold the water would be when it came rushing in. I looked up at the door and window I needed to go through and I thought, "Whatever you do, don't panic. The only way out is straight up through here."

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