Dream of: 11 October 1993 "Baby In A Basket"

Carolina and I had arrived at a Ramada Inn where we planned to spend the night. We were on the first floor, but the lobby was on the second floor. Carolina, who was going to go to the second floor to register, was also carrying a basket with a baby which belonged to both of us. When I stopped and thought, I realized I had planned to just register for one person to save money. If anyone saw the baby, he might realize that more than one person would be in the room; so I told Carolina to wait in a waiting area here on the first floor and I would go up myself. Registering by myself would be easier.

I left Carolina and walked upstairs. I pulled out my billfold and my credit card. I thought I wouldn't even say my name, since it was on the credit card. I would just say I wanted a room for one person.

When I walked up to the counter, I found that I was actually walking on the counter. An elderly woman behind the counter had some things scattered around on the counter and I tried not to step on anything. I was hoping the woman wouldn't ask me any questions. Then I would be able to go back down the elevator and get Carolina without anyone ever seeing her.

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