Dream of: 08 October 1993 "Accepting Life"

I was lying under the covers in a bed, between Birdie (perhaps in her mid 20s) and my brother Chris (about 8 years old). Birdie, very beautiful, was wearing a small nightie. I realized I could have sex with her if I wanted; but I would prefer Chris not be here watching me. I got up and looked at the bed. It was actually two beds pushed together. Chris was lying at the place where the beds met, and was falling down between them. I lifted him up and put him down on one of the beds. I then pushed that bed away from the other one. He was light and easy to handle. As I looked at him I realized he would never be able to walk. He could hardly move even now. As I put the covers on him, I thought to myself that he had accepted the way he was. Some people just had to accept the way they were in life.

When I finished with Chris, I returned to Birdie, ready to begin making love with her.

But suddenly I had finished making love with her and I was getting up from the bed. I was perplexed because I didn't even know how long it had lasted. It seemed as if it had been very short. It appeared as if I must have blacked out. I had never had anything like that happen before. I knew I had made love to her, but I couldn't remember what had happened and how it had been. I didn't say anything. I began dressing and Birdie got ready to leave. I was also going to leave.

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