Dream of: 06 October 1993 "Studying International Law"

I was walking around the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, when I noticed on the sidewalk in front of me a small brown paperback book. Some students were sitting on a couch with its back to the sidewalk, and I saw they had put some of their books under the couch. The book on the sidewalk appeared to have slipped out from under the couch. There was also a bit of water on the sidewalk and the book appeared to have gotten a little wet. I thought about picking up the book, hesitated, then went ahead. I stood over the back of the couch and tried to get the attention of the person who I thought think owned the book, a woman (probably in her early 20s). She had blonde hair and was wearing a light-colored shirt and slacks. She was sitting very close to a man, and it took me a moment to get her attention. When I did, I handed her the book and I explained that it had been lying on the sidewalk and was a little wet. She took it, and as I walked walk away, I heard hear her say, "It's wet."


I was in a building which appeared to be a library at SMU. On a wall I noticed a flyer for people trying to get financial aid to study international law. That amazed me. That was exactly what I should be looking at. I knew something had been on my mind, but I couldn't remember what until I saw the flyer.

I began thinking about the possibility of returning to school to study international law. It was already June, and the courses began in the fall. It might already be too late to apply for aid. If I was going to do it, I should do it right now today.

I began imagining what it would be like to return to school. I was 40 years old, which seemed a bit old to be in school. This time I might dress better. I might even wear a tie to class. I thought my dress counted for more than I had realized when I had attended law school.

And I might keep my law office open in Dallas. I could take on one new bankruptcy case a month. That would be $1,500. That could help defray the costs of school.

The whole idea was a little overwhelming though. I sat down and put my head in my hands as I tried to decide whether to go back to school.

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