Dream of: 03 October 1993 "Yard Sale Mirror"

Early Monday morning, as Carolina and I were going somewhere, I saw a yard sale across the street. I was surprised the yard sale was still taking place, because I had already attended it the week before. Carolina and I walked over to the sale. The man having the sale had scattered his things around a patio area. I had offered to buy a piece of furniture the week before, but the man wouldn't sell for the price I had offered. Now I saw see that the item I had wanted was no longer here.

As Carolina went through the things, I noticed the man had dramatically slashed the prices. Carolina picked out some things which interested her. She had found two or three lamps.

Meanwhile I spoke to the man (about 40 years old). He said he had already sold 80 % of the things he had had, and he was trying to get rid of the rest cheap.

I noticed a bookcase which interested me and I asked Carolina if she were going to add the bookcase to the things she was picking out. An oval body-length mirror was sitting on the ground. It had a base, and pins in the middle of both sides so it swiveled. I thought it might be a good piece. Since other people were showing up, I thought I might ought to put the mirror to the side so no one else would get it.

I thought Carolina should probably arrange together everything in which she was interested and get one price for it all. I continued waiting while she sorted through the things.

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