Dream of: 30 September 1993 "Stray Dogs"

From the front room of the Logan Street House, I walked back to the kitchen, which was the last room of the House, and which resembled the kitchen of the Grandview Avenue House. My mother was in the kitchen; then my sister walked in and disrobed from the waist down. Her back was toward me; I noticed what appeared to be a small amount of feces on the skirt she took off. I also noticed what appeared to be a small amount of feces near her anus, but I thought it might be blood and that she might be having her period. It was difficult to tell.

I then stated that I was the only person who didn't receive anything from the estate of my grandmother Mabel and my step-grandfather Clarence, who both had died. Everyone else, including my sister, had rushed in and had taken what they could. I wasn't complaining; I simply wanted everyone to know that I knew what happened.

I walked onto the back porch and saw two small dogs at the bottom of some stairs which led down from the porch to the grass. One dog was a small puppy which had just begun to grow an orange mane similar to a lion's around its neck. When I picked it up, it wrapped its legs around my hand as if it were going to bite me. I threw it down, deciding not to try to pet it anymore.

I sat it down and five or six other dogs appeared. They looked like strays and were coming through a wire fence in back of the house. Two of the dogs were small, aggressive, black and white dogs which I thought lived up the street. I concluded that many stray dogs must live in the neighborhood.

Suddenly the dogs all ran around the side of the house. I stood up to follow. I saw a bowl with some food in it for the dog which lived there. But the dogs didn't seem much interested in the food.

Meanwhile a black dog had walked up to me, wrapped its forelegs around my legs and begun hunching me. I could see that its penis was sticking out about three centimeters. I found this very disgusting and knocked the dog off me. I looked down to see if anything wet from its penis had rubbed off on my leg; but I didn't see anything.

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