Dream of: 29 September 1993 (2) "Through Falling Water"

Another fellow and I had arrived at a rock concert being held in the country. I was in a motor vehicle, and when I pulled up to the front entrance, I saw the admission price was $25 plus $1 for something else. I paid the man at the entrance, parked the car, and I walked in. As I entered, the man handed me some rolling papers for joints. Since I already had some marijuana, I thought I would roll some joints as soon as I was inside.

Two men right behind me had been following me for a while. I invited them to come with me and it appeared they were going to.

Once inside, I saw that not many people were there. I thought I might even have been able to have jumped the fence and gotten in free, but I thought people were probably patrolling the fence and I doubted I would have been successful. I looked for a place to sit. It looked as if I would be able to get close to the front. I thought I would probably smoke some dope with the two guys who apparently were going to follow me.


I was somewhere in Latin America. I had just gotten off a bus, and I was carrying some things. I was wearing a ragged old coat. A Mexican fellow was with me. I was trying to reach a certain town where I wanted to hide out for a while. I didn't have a map and I had to ask directions. When the Mexican began talking to some people, I reflected that I was able to speak Spanish. I would be able to ask people how to find a certain street which would lead to the town which I was seeking.


I was on a hill in the Mexican city and I could see all around. I could see a house atop another hill not far away and I thought I might want to live there. It was a very long way from the bottom of the hill to the house, but I thought I could probably hire someone to bring me food. I would have a splendid view from the hill and I would be able to look back at the town. On the other side I could see the wilderness.

I joined some other people and boarded a car to descend the hill I was on. They drove right to a road which was little more than a steep cliff going straight down. I decided to jump out of the car because I didn't want to go down the cliff in a car. Even after I had jumped out, I could still see the car and the man and woman who were in it. The car continued straight down the cliff, which seemed more like steep stairs, until if finally reached the bottom.


I was walking along a street in the Mexican city with an older woman who was helping me out. Another younger woman from another country joined us. She was about a head taller than I. She had long black hair, was probably in her teens and was quite beautiful. She was going to help me settle in the city. She was wearing a light brown outfit that seemed to be an Indian outfit.

Ahead of me it appeared that a fire hydrant had been broken in the street and water was spraying all over the place. I was going to walk through it. The young woman tightly grabbed my hand, and the three of us began walking through the falling water.

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