Dream of: 29 September 1993 "Hypocrisy"

I was with three other men who belonged to a drug enforcement agency (I also belonged to the agency). We were all in a house on a gigantic farm which belonged to Jane Fonda and Ted Turner, whom we were trying to bust. While in the living room, watching the others search through the house for drugs, I wondered if the agents would be able to confiscate the entire farm if they only found a minute amount of marijuana.

I finally walked outside, sat down with the men, and began talking with them. The men's hypocrisy offended me because all three had formerly used drugs. I had even smoked marijuana before with all of them. When I asked one man how many times he had used drugs, he admitted he had smoked pot 56 times. I was surprised that he had kept count. The other two admitted that they likewise had used pot before. When they asked me how many times I had used pot, I estimated I had probably smoked pot about 150 times.

I thought to myself that I wished they would change their minds and not try to bust these people. I was also thinking if they did find a lot of dope and did try to bust them, I was going to pull a gun on them and steal the dope. I would tie them up and leave them there.

I had already arranged for my old friend Steve Buckner to pick me up in a train or a helicopter, and I had already formulated a prearranged plan to escape with the drugs.

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