Dream of: 25 September 1993 "Making A Leap"

I was looking at a large passenger train with sleek, silver cars. I was imagining how easy it would be to hop on the train and hitch a ride. The next thing I knew, I was on the top of one of the cars, barreling along at a high rate of speed. I was enjoying myself, thrilled by the adventure of it all. When the train passed under some bridges or short tunnels, I lay low so I wouldn't be hit by the overhang. But finally I become concerned enough by the overhangs that I moved to the side of the car and held onto a ladder. Now I saw just how little room was left when the train went under the overhangs. There definitely wasn't enough room for me on top. How was it possible that I hadn't been hit when I went under them before? I imagined how awful it would have been to have been smashed and to have part of my body torn off by the impact.

As I rode along, I became aware a report had been made to the engineer that I was on the train. I suspected someone would soon try to force me off, or even capture me; so when the train began to slow down in an isolated area, I jumped off and scurried into the woods. I walked along an old, grown-up abandoned road, realizing I was at the top of a high hill or mountain and the road was going down. I encountered a car parked on the road and a black man sitting in it. I thought he might be using some kind of drug. He wasn't moving so I walked on by.

Then I noticed, sitting on a stump, a hand-made, gray, wooden pipe, obviously used for smoking marijuana. I picked it up to see if any marijuana was in it, but not seeing any, I put it back down. At the same time I noticed another black man about 10 meters behind me; he seemed to be following me. I hurried on down the road, not wanting to have any problems with the black man. When the road began heading down so precipitously that it was almost a cliff, I decided that to get away from the man, I would simply jump off and float down. I made a leap out into the air and began gently floating downward. It was most important that as I floated I stayed in contact with the trees growing on the cliff, grabbing onto the tips of their branches as I slowly floated down. The branches gave me the necessary equilibrium to continue downward, and a great deal of skill was needed to successfully maneuver.

Suddenly I was startled to see the black man who had been following me had also jumped. But he wasn't floating. He was plummeting head first, as if he were diving, out beyond the trees. Clearly he will crash into the earth and forest at the bottom of the cliff and probably be smashed to death. That was unless he knew what he was doing and was able to control his descent. I lost sight of him as he neared the ground.

When I finally landed, I was in a poor residential area with a lot of trees in it. I was wearing some brown hiking shoes, some brown hiking shorts and a tee shirt. These were good clothes, because I was going to be traveling and doing a lot of moving. I also felt quite strong, as if I were ready for what awaited me. I wound through the street, soon seeing I was near a highway. I thought I would try to hitchhike a ride at the nearby exit. I was a bit uncertain about hitchhiking, but I thought I would just have to do it. I was also carrying a bag of ice, probably about 50 kilograms, in a cellophane bag. I wasn't certain the ice would help me get a ride, but I thought it might.

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