Dream of: 23 September 1993 (2) "A Scary Idea"

My wife and I returned to a brick ranch-style house where we were living. But before we went into the house, I realized something was wrong. I had the certain feeling someone was in the house.

Some other people showed up and finally two men in a truck pulled in. The men were here to deliver some kind of plastic bags to the house. I decided to give them the keys and let them go in. When they opened the door, everyone looked into the house and saw that someone had gone on a rampage in it, turning over furniture and breaking things. Everyone slowly crept into the house. I had the feeling something terrible had been going on here. Perhaps some pets had been killed.

As the others slowly looked around the living room, I picked up a screwdriver, and wondered what would happen if I raised the screwdriver into the air (as if I were going to attack them) and shouted I was the person who had caused all this damage. It was a scary idea.

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