Dream of: 23 September 1993 "Looking For A Hooker"

I was walking along the corridors of a building, looking for a restroom where I could urinate. I saw some men go down some stairs and turn into another corridor and I followed them, thinking they were probably also going to the restroom. The new corridor resembled one from a high school. It seemed as if there might be a basketball game going on in the school.

A fellow walked up to me and began chatting. He was tall and lanky, casually dressed and probably in his mid 20s. He says, "I'm looking for a hooker."

I immediately suspected there was something not right with this fellow, and true to my suspicions, he soon began attacking me. At first he was able to get the upper hand, but I quickly turned the table. In my right hand I was carrying a piece of heavy metal and I hit him several times with it. Once I had completely subdued him, he seemed to be unconscious. I thought he would feel the pain tomorrow. I even thought of tying him up to something. I pondered hitting him a few times in the testes with my piece of metal. But that seemed a bit extreme.

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