Dream of: 22 September 1993 "God's Work"

My office was located on one of the upper floors of a high-rise office building. I belonged to a large law firm which employed many other lawyers and assistants who scurried about the immense office complex. Since it was late in the day, I had already stopped working. However many others were still busy.

I was rather despondent. I had recently broken off my relationship with Carolina and was experiencing the pain of the breakup. I wondered if Carolina would call me. I felt sorry for her; I had been through this type of separation before with other women, but Carolina had never experienced it. She was probably hurting and I wished I could do something to ease her pain. I had a vivid picture of her in my mind – she looked sad.

Thinking back over my relationship with Carolina, I pondered the fact that we had never actually married, even though I had given her a written agreement to marry. I wondered if I should now write something to her, formally nullifying the agreement. I was concerned about my property. Carolina would now realize that since we had never been married, she would wind up with nothing. After all the work she had done helping me, now she would receive no property. But was that correct? Since I had given her an agreement to marry, was it possible that Carolina could still demand half of everything I owned, claiming she had relied on the agreement? This was a question which I needed to research.

I stood up and walked around the office, still thinking about the question. Everyone else in the office was working hard, probably researching their own special questions. I thought if I researched this question concerning Carolina, I could become an expert on the issue and help other people when they had similar problems.

But I didn't feel much like researching anything at the moment. A fellow walked by carrying a magazine. He apparently was relaxing and I was sure that I was going to do the same.

Several men were working at a row of carrolls. I was surprised to see that one of them was someone I had known from high school – Rich Pense. It seemed as if I might also have known some of the other men, but I couldn't place them. I walked over and spoke to them, searching my mind for something to ask them. The only question that seemed important was whether they had been doing God's work. It seemed that at this point, this was the only question which mattered to me. But I hesitated to ask such a question.

We were interrupted when a young policeman entered the room. Apparently new in the building, he approached me and explained that he was having difficulty shutting the curtains and blinds; he asked me if I could show him how to do it. I walked over to the window, which had two sets of curtains on it, and explained to the officer that the first set of curtains could be closed simply by grabbing the curtains and pulling them. However the second set must be shut by pulling on a string on the side of the curtains. As for the blinds, they could be closed by turning a plastic, translucent rod which hung down from the top of the blinds. When I had finished talking and demonstrating, I turned my back on the policeman, who had already walked back across the room and begun talking with someone else on the other side. I was unsure that he had even paid attention to what I had been showing him.

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