Dream of: 20 September 1993 (2) "Shot In The Back"

Carolina, another woman and I were walking along a shady road which seems to be near Patriot. When we came to a house, all three of us walked up onto the porch. When a woman walked out of the house, I quickly realized she wanted to file a bankruptcy. But since I was no longer taking on new clients for bankruptcies, the woman with me was going to help the woman in the house file bankruptcy. The two women sat down and the woman with me began asking the other woman questions concerning bankruptcy. I noticed the woman with me was wearing earphones while she talked. Although I wondered if she would be able to do a good job, that was really none of my concern.

I walked out into the yard, along the side of which was flowing a small stream. Suddenly I noticed some commotion on the other side of the stream. Two overweight Hispanic women were running from a man. The younger woman (perhaps 30 years old) was wearing a white top. The other woman (perhaps 40 years) a brown top. The man (perhaps 30) was also Hispanic. The women were clearly quite afraid. As the man approached the women, I shouted, "Hey, what's going on here."

Suddenly I noticed the man had a gun. I looked in the direction of the house, because I was afraid Carolina might get shot.

The women tried to hide behind something, but the man saw them. The older woman tried to run across the stream. Just as she reached the water, the man shot her in the back. She was facing me and I could see the shot went clear through her body. She fell into the water.

The other woman managed to run through the water and came close to me. I, however, had become so frightened by what I had seen that I had fallen to the ground and couldn't move. Other people were also in the yard and I hoped the man wouldn't try to shoot everyone. When the woman was only a few meters from me, the man shot her. He shot her three times in the back, and I watched her fall to the ground.

I knew he still had some shots left, and I was afraid he would now shoot either Carolina or me. But to my surprise, he stuck the barrel of the gun into his mouth. Clearly he was going to kill himself. I waited to hear the shot, thinking I would see the back side of his head being blow away.

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