Dream of: 20 September 1993 "Wrong Place, Wrong Time"

I was in a class where the professor was talking about what time the class should begin. He thought the class should begin early in the mornings, and I agreed.

On this particular morning, however, I was apprehensive because I hadn't prepared my homework. The professor called on a student at the left end of the row of desks where I was sitting. I knew the professor would come up the row calling on all the students in the row until he reached me.

I looked at the problems in the book which the students were being asked to answer, and I tried to determine which problem would be mine. Apparently all problems had something to do with using the telephone. It looked as if I would have to explain how someone could find out a person's name just by using the telephone. I remembered a certain number could be dialed to find out a person's name, but I couldn't remember the number.

I stood up and walked around the room, which gradually seemed different. There appeared to be flowers in the room, which now only had women in it. A woman professor arrived. She walked toward me and I had to move out of her way. I was standing on a piece of furniture with fabric in it and I had to move down from it in order for her to pass. As I moved, she said I was in "the wrong place at the wrong time."

After she had passed, I realized my wife Carolina was behind me. Carolina was very pretty in the short red dress she was wearing. She followed me to the next room, where I encountered Countryman (a female Dallas attorney). I recalled that I suspected Countryman was probably a lesbian, but I had never had any problems with her, and as I passed her she said, "Hi, Steve."

I said "hi," then I quickly added her first name as the name came to my mind.


Two men in two small boats had snagged Carolina and me with ropes and they were dragging us both through the water, one man dragging Carolina and the other dragging me. The only difference between the rope pulling Carolina and the rope pulling me, was the one pulling me had a metal hook on it around my leg. The hook used to be a part of the man in the boat and it had been formerly fastened to the end of one of his legs. But he had taken the hook from his leg and had attached it to the end of the rope.

It would be easy for me to escape, but I didn't and the man knew I was only staying because of Carolina. I didn't want to abandon her.

The boat pulling me had a motor and was moving rather fast. Finally I pulled the hook off my leg and threw it, still tied to the rope, onto the boat, but I still hung onto the rope and I was pulled over the water.

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