Dream of: 17 September 1993 "Smuggling"

I had jumped out of a jet plane traveling from Europe to the United States. As I fell through the air, I could see myself as if I were looking at another person. I was positioned as if I were lying down as I floated toward the ground. I looked as if I might only be about 25 years old, slender, and a bit muscular. I had a blanket wrapped around my upper body, beneath which was hidden a parachute. I had some drugs, probably heroin, hidden on me, and this was my method of smuggling them into the United States.


I was in a house talking on the phone with one of my bankruptcy clients, an attractive blonde woman (in her early 30s) assisting me in my smuggling plan. But suddenly I realized the phone was tapped, and that it would only be a matter of minutes until the police arrived. I quickly hung up the phone and turn to my sister, who was in the room with me. I asked her if she could lend me some money. She handed me three twenties, and I dashed out the back door. Once outside I realized I had forgotten my billfold in the house. But it was too late to go back now. I would just have to go on.

I was in a residential neighborhood, but there was a plowed field behind the house and I started to cross it. Suddenly I heard the sound of a helicopter overhead and I knew they were looking for me. I dashed to some trees on the edge of the field for cover. I began planning how to elude the police.

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