Dream of: 16 September 1993 "Trapeze In Japan"

I was sitting in either a train or a bus station in Japan. I had several things with me, one of which was a large, shiny silver handgun. As I held the gun in my hand and looked it over, I realized it might be illegal here to carry a gun around in public. I unfolded a blanket which I had and I rolled the gun up in it. I had to work with it several times before I was satisfied that it had been covered. Just as I finished, I noticed two Japanese policemen had walked up to the end of the row of seats where I was. I acted nonchalant and they walked on.

A young girl (probably 8-9 years old) walked up and wanted to sit in the seat on my left where I had placed some of my packages, including the handgun. When I told her to just move them, I quickly realized I had spoken in English, and I doubted she had understood me because she probably spoke Japanese. As I began moving my things to make room for her, I realized a couple items in the seat weren't mine, and I didn't bother them.

When I settled back into my seat, I noticed straight ahead of me about 20 meters was a trapeze with several people in it beginning to practice. One at a time they swung from one side of the trapeze to the other. They appeared to be amateurs and were just practicing. But the other people in the station and I became quite interested in what they were doing. All the people on the trapeze appeared to be white, probably Americans. Several women were among the group, and I thought about how exciting it must be to travel around the way they were doing.

At one point they all stood up facing the people in the station, and one man addressed the people in Japanese. Clearly Japanese wasn't his native language, and I wondered if anyone understood what he had said. My attention was drawn to one of the women in the group. She had black hair and was probably about 30 years old. I focused on her breasts, and realized I could see the outline of her nipple through the top of the swimsuit she was wearing.

The group returned to the ropes, taking turns swinging back and forth. Some trapezists seemed to be having more trouble than others. Almost at the same time that I wondered what would happen if someone missed, it happened, and a man began plummeting earthward. I wondered if he would die, then saw him land on a net. Several other members then also jumped down on the net next to him.


I was in the same place, but now I was lying in a bed with several Japanese men. I had a strong urge to get up and urinate, but I was nude and I didn't know if it would be proper to get out of bed in front of the other men. My hesitation was compounded by my having an erection. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer and I quickly slipped from the bed and walked to the bathroom, with my front turned away from the bed.

Once in the bathroom, as I began to urinate, I recalled that when I had been young, I had had the same kind of fear of being seen naked by others.

I heard a phone ring and imagined it was for me. I heard someone in the bedroom say that I received many phone calls. I knew that in my business I did receive a lot of calls.

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