Dream of: 01 September 1993 "Sick Client"

I was in a hospital where I had come to visit a young woman whom I had been appointed to represent in a bankruptcy case. I was sitting in an office in the hospital, talking to a young nurse -- I told her I needed to see the doctor. I knew my client was in a bad state -- in a small room which reminded me of a cell in a prison -- and I needed to receive a diagnosis from the doctor.

As I waited, I looked over the papers which I had. Among the documents was an order from the bankruptcy judge that a hearing concerning the woman was going to be held next week The judge was in another city and he was going to come to this city for the hearing. I figured I had about five days before the judge would be here. I realized, however, I was unfamiliar with the specific kind of hearing which was going to be held.

I had about 10 documents (all stapled together) and I noticed I was supposed to sign one, but I was unsure what I would be signing. I saw that another attorney was also involved in the case and I decided to call him and confer about the hearing. I simply wasn't ready for the hearing.

I picked up a phone and called the attorney. He answered and we began talking. I told him I had handled many bankruptcy cases, but I was unfamiliar with this kind of hearing. As we talked, I realized he was also in another city, and that he would also be coming here for the hearing. I was beginning to realize that his hearing must be important. We finished talking and I hung up.

I continued going through the documents for quite a while until I finally realized the doctor had never showed up. More than ever, I thought I needed to talk with the doctor. If I were the judge, I would want a diagnosis of the woman. I was even beginning to think bankruptcy might not be the proper place for the woman. Maybe she actually needed to be going through some kind of mental illness hearing.

I had a mental image of the woman, thin (probably in her early 20s),with blondish hair, lying in a small cell, all curled up, wearing old ragged clothes. I seemed to recall having seen the woman, but it had been a while ago.

I turned again to the nurse and brusquely told her that if she didn't fetch a doctor for me, I was going to have to get a subpoena. I didn't want to do that -- in fact I didn't even know how to do it. Nevertheless, I threatened the nurse, hoping to get some action.

Meanwhile, I thought I needed to continue reading all the papers to assure myself that I was ready for the hearing because I wasn't sure what to expect.

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