Dream of: 31 August 1993 "Tying Knots"

I was in the Gay Street House with my mother and some brothers and sisters, including my brother Chris and my sister. We were all packing our luggage, because we were planning to leave the House. We hadn't been living in the House, just staying there and taking care of it for someone else -- so we didn't have much to pack.

When I reached in my pocket and found a bunch of keys, I remembered I had taken my car to a car repair shop, and I had left the shop with a big brown car, which I had driven around for a while, then returned to the shop. The shop had a large inside-parking lot, and I had parked the car there in a different place from where I had originally taken it. Now I realized I had forgotten to leave the keys in the car. Not only was I uncertain the owner of the shop would be able to find the car where I had parked it, he wouldn't even have the keys. So I was concerned.

As I continued packing, I thought we might go up to the Gallia County Farm. I thought I would like to take the old set of green encyclopedias which had been in my family since I had been a child. The encyclopedias were in the closet underneath the stairs. I wanted the encyclopedias so I would have something to read while on the Farm.

I thought maybe only Chris and I would end up staying on the Farm. That would be fine with me, because I thought I would be able to take care of Chris. But my mother mentioned that we might go to the House in Patriot and stay there. That would also be fine with me. Still, I needed to return the keys to the car before we left.


All of us were on the Farm. An elderly man, who seemed as if he might be my grandfather, was also with us. We were on the 30-acre piece of land on the north side of Symmes Creek Road. We walked into an area which at one time had been a very nice store. It now had no walls, but some of the merchandise had been left sitting there. Among the items were several watches. I looked at them more closely and discovered a Mickey Mouse watch. I thought I might take it. I put my hand over it, then looked around to see if anyone was watching. I didn't see anyone, but because I was still afraid someone might be watching me, I didn't take the watch. Then I noticed another very nice watch lying on another table. I thought that later, when no one was watching, I would sneak back in there and take that watch.

I was carrying a rope, which I planned to use to fence off an area there. The elderly man helped me as I looked for something on which to tie the rope. I had two sections of rope which needed to be tied together and I asked the man to help me. He made two loops and was able to tie the two pieces of rope together into a very tight knot. I was impressed. I would like to learn to tie knots like that. I thought I had an old Cub Scout book which had pictures depicting how knots should be tied.

I heard the voices of some men and some dogs barking not far away. It sounded as if someone were hunting and I thought the men were probably hunting fox. I thought if I ever lived up there, I would stop all hunting on the Farm. I was repulsed that my father (who also seemed to be there with us) allowed hunting on the Farm.

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